New Valley Homes

New Valley Homes Inc. is Brison Developments’ home building company.

se-a-front-bAt New Valley Homes we are committed to providing excellent service and assisting you, every step of the way, in your home building process.

We offer our clients value for their hard earned money. Our construction standards are exceeding the Ener-guide standard of 80, while our design features are second to none.

New Valley Homes places a premium on bright, open living areas and kitchen layouts that work efficiently for today’s busy families. We also work with you to incorporate specific interior or exterior details you want, so you get a home that is completely right for you and your family.

awards1All of our homes Include Lux 8-Year New Home Warranty.

Getting Started
No matter what type of home you are looking for, New Valley Homes builds the type of home you want, when you want it, year-round.Let us help you explore your options. It’s easy, so get started today!

Click this to browse lots of home designs. We will be happy to discuss the design you choose and make your dream home a reality.

SHARP 2014 Awards
Sean Parker & the New Valley Homes team have received three very prestigious awards this year.
– Lowest Heat Loss – 10 homes more than 2500 square feet
– Best Air Tightness – 10 homes more than 2500 square feet
– Highest Ener-Guide Rating – 10 homes more than 2500 square feet

Contact our builder, Sean Parker
Sean Parker
Builder for New Valley Homes
Office: 1 (902) 798-8224
Cell: 1 (902) 790-3799
Fax: 1 (902) 798-8873